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Corporate training for youth

This module is designed for the young adults either in a post graduation program or in their first job. The transition phase for them can be pretty tough, exposing them to lots of challenges all at the same time. This module helps them get a structured approach to managing their corporate life better.

Training programme for new young hires

The module includes the following:

  • Defining your personality
  • Executive leadership for women
  • Managing corporate relationships
  • Power of vulnerability
  • Successful professional networking
  • Power body language
  • Vocal success
  • People dynamics through tact and diplomacy
  • Corporate Indian Styling
  • Corporate Western styling
  • Corporate make-up & grooming
Identify the pillars of corporate image
Power of initial impressions
Your perfect elevator’s pitch
Body language and voice for success
  • Arrogance vs. Assertion
  • Tact & Diplomacy
  • Setting expectations
  • Dealing with toxic people
  • Speed reading people

Your Steps to Corporate Success + Fulfillment

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