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Executive Presence for leaders & senior management

At the helm of affairs, you have all the technical expertise, experience and understanding of your industry. All that you require now is finesse, sophistication and charisma in your presence and interactions. And I have just that for you in this segment.

Executive Leader Training Course

Executive Presence for leaders & senior management

Your lifestyle mapping

Your lifestyle mapping

At this level, you need high level customization of personal development services. This can only be possible by getting to know you better. This is usually done a week or two before the actual training:

  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Personal SWOT
  • Stakeholder profiling
  • Your social skill assets
Creating memorable first impressions
Creating memorable first impressions second image

Creating memorable first impressions

The very first focus is to attract people for authentic and powerful interaction. So here, we work on the following modules

  • Your perfect stance and signature move
  • Facial gestures
  • Vocal expression
  • Your perfect self-description
  • Your personal style and dressing
People engagement through non-verbal behavior

People engagement through non-verbal behavior

  • Science of non-verbal connect
  • Your greeting style
  • Identifying other’s body language cues
  • Eye communication
  • Optimizing body engagement
  • Introduction to lie-detection
  • Identify micro facial expressions
Understand people dynamics and relationships

Understand people dynamics and relationships

  • Emotional intelligence and perspective taking
  • Lensing stakeholders through their intelligence and personality type
  • Applying persuasion techniques for impact & influence
  • The best secret to lasting relationships
  • Authentic communication patterns
Stage presence and public speaking

Stage presence and public speaking

  • Public Speaking fundamentals
  • Performance techniques
  • Find your voice
  • Breathing techniques
  • Find your natural pitch range
  • Pronunciation/Enunciation
  • Structure and amplify your core message
  • Story telling secrets
  • Connect with your audience
Executive Dining

Executive Dining

We tend to get most awkward during business meals because we are too concerned about being picture perfect. In this attempt, we end up looking conscious and make too many small mistakes. This module helps you to learn the art of dining with clients and other business associates.

  • Interpret the table layout
  • Food guide
  • Wine etiquette
  • Eating etiquette
  • Interactions during the meal
  • Ending the meal
  • General dining etiquette

Modus Operandi

  1. Choose your format:
  2. 2 hour training- choose any 1 module
  3. Half-day training- choose any 2 modules
  4. Full day training – choose any 3 modules
  5. 2 day training- choose 4 or 5 modules
  6. 3 days or more- choose all 6 modules

This is our ideal training procedure.

Initial Meeting
Pre-training assessment
Customized training solution prepared
Customized training delivered
Post-training assessment
Individual consultation

Hi. Thanks for trying to contact us. We are currently on sabbatical and not taking any new client sesssions till May' 22. Until then, stay safe!

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